My TEDx Manhattan talk, FoodCorps: Ask Not What Your Country Can Feed You; Ask What You Can Feed Your Country, took place just as my co-founders and I were preparing to launch FoodCorps , a national service organization that connects children to real food and helps them grow up healthy. Shortly after this kickoff, we recruited our first class of 50 service members for a yearlong term teaching children about what healthy food is, giving them opportunities to grow and taste it in school gardens, and making sure they get access to it every day in their school meals. A year later, FoodCorps fielded a second class of 80 and now supports a third cohort of 125 service members and 15 second-year fellows. From Maine to Montana, Michigan to Mississippi, FoodCorps teams are busy helping children build a fundamentally different relationship to food. As a first grader from Gloucester, Massachusetts put it, “I don’t like carrots––I love them.” You can read more about FoodCorps and watch our other videos at