My Ted Talk was an amazing experience! The venue was the Getty Center, which in itself is a wonderful an awe-inspiring place to be. Set high on a hill in Southern California; the buildings, gardens, view and of course art are all overwhelming beautiful. My day consisted of wandering the gardens, marveling at the art and then hearing some of the thought provoking talks prior to mine. Then it was my turn. Got “miked,” taken back-stage and before I knew it, I was ON. The talk itself went really fast, bright lights so I couldn’t really see the audience, my slides going, the clock ticking, I was talking and then done. Afterwards I had a delicious lunch and as I wandered the crowd and people stopped me to tell me my talk was wonderful – I was on a total “high.” Today, many years later, I’ve done hundreds of more talks and a couple of TEDx talks, but that first one, which has been viewed over half a million times, still sticks in my mind as one of the high point of my speaking career.