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Showcasing the Global Network of Kellogg Fellows

KFLA’s online clearinghouse offers a variety of toolkits, discussion guides, how-to templates and other resources for you to effectively convene gatherings in ways that work for your community. This week, we feature two resources from our 101 Day Initiative partners.

For leaders committed to social justice, this webinar on Systems Thinking and Racial Justice presents new leadership models essential to leading across difference. In order to create equity, we need to examine unjust and unfair systems and learn how to dismantle them.


How are we Catalyzing Community Level Action across the country?

On July 13th, President Obama gathered the press corps into the Rose Garden in order to announce his next pick for the post of Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin (KNFP-13). Speaking in conjunction with his overall plan for heath care change, President Obama lauded Dr. Benjamin for her efforts to bring about change in the Gulf Coast area, if there’s anyone who understands the urgency of meeting this challenge in a personal and powerful way, it’s the woman who will become our nation’s next Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin.

When our three children first learned to speak, our conversations with them usually began with their curiosities, fountains of questions bubbling from the moment they could string together a sentence: “Why is it raining? What was that noise? What is this? When will you be home? Why do I have to go to bed now? Who put grown-ups in charge?”

When “bubbles burst”-whether in our financial or personal lives-we have choices to make. Do we just feel impoverished while mindlessly waiting for the next bubble to inflate our bank accounts and our egos? Or can we mindfully pause to absorb painful lessons so that not just recovery but something better can emerge? These challenging times provide opportunities to transform adversity into promise through our courage and compassion.

Leadership, like art, is part imagination and part effort, part image and part impression. It is an almost magical combination of the tangible and intangible to create something that never before existed. Just as with great art, when leadership comes together – when it works – everyone can see it.

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To strenghten our democracy

In 1752, my family sold their land in County Wertheim, Germany and purchased passage on the aptly named ship, the “Phoenix” to escape war and oppression. They desired a place to freely express their faith in God.