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KFLA and its blog contributors are taking a break this week in order to to celebrate the 4th of July holiday.

As Stephen Ambrose noted in his 1997 book, courageous leaders, like Lewis and Clark, demonstrate Undaunted Courage in the face of unimagined adversity. How do they do that? They lead with purpose, passion, planning, and persistence.

‚”Serafina‚’s Stories deals with a lot of the history of the time and the relationship of the Spaniards and the American Indians,‚” says Rudolfo. His second new book, The Santero‚’s Miracle, is a bilingual children‚’s book that captures the tradition of New Mexico‚’s santeros‚, or carvers of saints. The story takes place at Christmas time, and portrays the magic of the season through the richness of Latino culture and traditions.

‚”Infinite growth in a finite environment is an absurdity,‚” writes John E. Carroll (KNFP-3), professor of Environmental Conservation at the University of New Hampshire, in his new book, Sustainability and Spirituality. John‚’s warning that modern society‚’s increasingly consumptive lifestyle cannot be sustained is indisputable. What is new to the discussion of sustainable lifestyles is John‚’s discovery that a number of spiritually based communities are modeling environmental sustainability.

Ann Cooper is a crusader for wholesome, nutritious food-both its production and preparation. She was one of the first 50 women to be certified as an executive chef by the educational arm of the American Culinary Federation.

In the early ‚’90s, photographer Tony Deifell was inspired to try to teach photography to blind students from a story about a blind photographer on public radio. After convincing a skeptical administrator, he volunteered his time in an after-school program with students at Governor Morehead School in South Carolina. Providing each with a point-and-shoot camera and some tips on composition‚, making sure the sun was behind them, holding the camera level, not cutting off anyone‚’s head‚, he sent the students out to take pictures.

The church is widely viewed as the single strongest institution in the African American community. Lora-Ellen McKinney in her new book, Getting to Amen, writes, ‚”As a place of healing and hope, the black church has always purposefully sought to move its people beyond defensive postures.‚” Yet today‚’s social issues are pitting parishioners against each other or against preachers as churches grapple with‚, or try to ignore‚, issues of female leadership in the church, homesexuality, politics in the pulpit, splits within denominations, and more.

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Because Children Deserve Better

I do what I do because it needs to be done, and because it makes a difference in the type of society we pass on to future generations. Despite a 30 year low in crime, nearly 25 million people were victims of crime last year. That’s unacceptable. Many of those 25 million were children and youth, and that is even more unacceptable.