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Showcasing the Global Network of Kellogg Fellows

In 1982, Steve Reifenberg was disillusioned with his teaching job in Colorado and faced a weighty career decision. Persuaded by a fellow Notre Dame graduate who had just returned from Chile, Steve chose to postpone his decision and travel to South America. Upon arriving in Santiago, Steve followed up on his friend‚’s lead and was provided room and board in exchange for helping to care for 13 abandoned or abused children at the Hogar Domingo Savio.

In his new book, The Small-Mart Revolution: How Local Businesses Are Beating the Global Competition, Economist Michael Shuman (KNFP 8) debunks the myth that ‚”there is no alternative‚” to big-box chains for communities seeking economic health. Despite the discount stores‚’ omnipotence, Michael writes, ‚”Almost everyone who has taken time to study the situation now knows what a death star the big box on the edge of town is.‚”

Dr. Bruce Weinstein is a nationally known ethics expert. His ‚”Ask the Ethics Guy‚” weekly segment on CNN and syndicated column with Knight Ridder/Tribune advise people how to make ethical decisions.

With a self-reliant mother who cultivated her own oasis in the desert, an industrious father who read the LA Times each day, and a cast of siblings and grandparents looking out for her, ‚”Espy‚” was able to bridge two cultures, two languages, and two countries with little difficulty. Like the sturdy yet flexible bamboo canes used to form her angel wings worn on pageant days, the traditions and love rooted in her family shaped her strength, drive, and spirit.

Obama is accused of being “weak” and abandoning his principles because he remains intent on listening and responding with flexibility and openness to the forces opposing his agenda. The narrative continues that it’s time to get tough and use raw political power...

Indigenous peoples globally, although tremendously diverse in the expression of traditions, do share some similar foundational values, based on the relationship with the Earth. Expressions of traditions are determined by the local environment. For example, my nation, in Anishinaabe centered philosophy, water holds great spiritual significance.

In the effort to guide our youth in a direction that promotes financial economic opportunity, continued growth, and enhanced education, it is imperative that the Obama administration take a long hard look at the signals that they send. Time has proven that the old method of doing things is simply that-old.

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To make growing up easier for children

Neither of my parents has ever read a book. My mother went as far as second grade. My father never went to school. Born in the U.S., and the daughter of Mexican immigrants, I sensed that growing up could be easier than my own childhood had been.