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Kellogg Fellows support the National Day of Racial Healing on 1.21.20


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Donna Murray-Brown

Hear Donna Murray-Brown (CLN-01 Coach), CEO of the Michigan Nonprofit Association, on the importance of Racial Healing.

Vernon Miller

Hear Vernon Miller (CLN-01) on Being Present as an act of Racial Healing.

Donna Ladd

Hear Donna Ladd (CLN-01) on how she and the Mississippi Youth Media Project are advancing Racial Healing in their community with innovative youth journalism.

Ana Perez

Hear Ana Perez (CLN-01) on reclaiming indigenous identity & her journey of Racial Healing.

Lora-Ellen McKinney

Hear Lora-Ellen McKinney (KNFP-13) on how she's advancing racial healing – and why she is called to do this work.

Abino Pic edited

Hear Albino Garcia (KNFP-15) discuss reducing racial and ethnic disparities in the New Mexico Juvenile Justice System. 

Nyland TRHT Thumbnail

Hear Larry Nyland (KNFP-07) speak about elliminating opportunity gaps in Seattle Public Schools.

Both of my parents were born in Alabama during the mid 20's and left for Cleveland, Ohio as teenagers in the late 30's. As a child and adolescent I never remember any conversations about their childhood or mention of their fathers. It was only later as a teenager through conversations with relatives I discovered my grandfathers were the victims of racial incidents that resulted in their deaths at an early age. My parents never knew their fathers.

David Castro Thumbnail

Hear David Castro (KNFP-13) on his story growing up in Brooklyn.

Bailey TRHT Thumbnail

Watch Darlyne Bailey (KNFP-13) share her story of racial healing and transformation.

Reggie Nichols TRHT Thumbnail

Watch Reggie Nichols' (KILP-02) story about racial healing and transformation.

Joyce King TRHT Thumbnail

Hear Joyce King (KNFP-05) on her story of racial healing and transformation.