June 11, 2019

Kellogg Fellow Launches Nation’s First Racial Equity-Oriented Financial Institution

Rende Progress Capital Targets Racial Wealth Gap with Loans to Entrepreneurs of Color

June 7, 2019

Southern African Kellogg Fellows Team Up to Address Challenges

KFLA Network Supports Children, Families and Communities

May 31, 2019

Latin American Kellogg Fellows Collaborate Closely for Common Good

KFLA Global Summit Sparks Many New Partnerships

April 23, 2019

Three Sisters Kitchen Nourishes Albuquerque’s Communities

Kellogg Fellow Sees Healthy Food Access as Basic Right

March 26, 2019

N.C. Congresswoman Alma Adams on Hunger and Closing the Gap

The Kellogg fellow is in her third term representing North Carolina 12th Congressional District

March 11, 2019

Kellogg Fellows Examining Equity through Food

How can issues of societal and racial equity be better understood through the lens of food?


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Kellogg Fellows support the National Day of Racial Healing on 1.16.18


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Hear Donna Murray-Brown (CLN-01 Coach), CEO of the Michigan Nonprofit Association, on the importance of Racial Healing.
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Donna Murray-Brown on Racial Healing for #NDORH

Donna Murray, CEO of Michigan Nonprofit Association on the importance of Racial Healing, and her commitment to help create "a culture that values each and every person in it. One that seeks to break down systems of inequity through the acknowledgement of these truths and the courage to make necessary change." Donna and other W.K. Kellogg Foundation Fellows share their stories in support of the National Day of Racial Healing. More on this initiative at www.healourcommunities.org. More #NDORH videos (& share yours) at the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance FB page or go to www.kfla.org/ndorh.

Posted by Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance on Tuesday, January 16, 2018