June 11, 2019

Kellogg Fellow Launches Nation’s First Racial Equity-Oriented Financial Institution

Rende Progress Capital Targets Racial Wealth Gap with Loans to Entrepreneurs of Color

June 7, 2019

Southern African Kellogg Fellows Team Up to Address Challenges

KFLA Network Supports Children, Families and Communities

May 31, 2019

Latin American Kellogg Fellows Collaborate Closely for Common Good

KFLA Global Summit Sparks Many New Partnerships

April 23, 2019

Three Sisters Kitchen Nourishes Albuquerque’s Communities

Kellogg Fellow Sees Healthy Food Access as Basic Right

March 26, 2019

N.C. Congresswoman Alma Adams on Hunger and Closing the Gap

The Kellogg fellow is in her third term representing North Carolina 12th Congressional District

March 11, 2019

Kellogg Fellows Examining Equity through Food

How can issues of societal and racial equity be better understood through the lens of food?



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Forum is KFLA’s flagship event, bringing fellows and key collaborative partners together across disciplines for a three-day convening where participants connect, renew, and leverage their combined resources.

FORUM 2016: Leading Across our Differences—Building a Nation in which all Children Thrive

[OCT 6-9 | Denver]

In partnership with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s innovative focus on Putting Children First, FORUM 2016 brings together a diverse array of leaders to tackle the question: How do we build a nation in which all children thrive? This question evades easy answers, calls for collaboration across many divides, and it drives Forum’s cross-cutting, multi-sector programming. Your voice and your expertise are crucial—don’t miss this essential Forum. Learn more and register »


Call to Action programs unite Fellows and community partners around a specific issue, provide opportunities for intense learning and dialogue, and launch action-driven collaborative initiatives.

Uniting the Power of Place with the Wisdom of People in Rural America

[JUL 5-9 | El Paso]

An opportunity for collaboration and advocacy around policy change in the interconnected immigration, rural, and food systems, with a focus on improving the health and well-being of children. Learn More and Register today »

Best Practices for Indigenous Peoples and their Communities

[JUN 11-13 | Albuquerque]

This Call to Action was a dialogue with indigenous communities and partners on advancing policies that support health and well-being; education; and strong, economically secure families and communities through culturally authentic efforts. Click here to see what you missed »


Travel & Learn programs are intellectually rigorous journeys exploring cultures, places, and leadership through the eyes of the experiential traveler.

Cuba in Changing Times

[JUL 14-22 | Cuba]

A nine day opportunity to experience a changing Cuba first-hand and dialogue with local experts on key issues, led by Evelyn Hu-DeHart (KNFP-05). Learn more »



These programs help fellows make the most of their ever growing network.

The Global Humanitarian Action Fund

The Fund makes small, timely grants to grassroots efforts supporting children and vulnerable communities in situations where the politics of borders and migration have frequently eclipsed humanitarian concerns. Learn more, then apply or donate today »

Mink'a Talent Exchange

The Mink'a Talent Exchange supports Fellows helping Fellows to increase their impact in communities. Inspired by the Quechua “Mink'a” — a tradition and celebration of collaborative work exchanged in-kind for the community’s benefit—when Fellows volunteer their time and talent towards another’s initiative, Project Mink’a can underwrite travel to that community. The Talent Exchange, a new feature launching in May, helps Fellows discover and tap into even more collaborative partners, talents, and resources in the KFLA network, using the online Kellogg Fellows Community. Learn how you can participate today »

Multisectoral-Based Action to Address the Social Determinants of Health Summit

[NOV 4-6 2015 | Ann Arbor]

Kellogg Fellows consider how action taken across several sectors can build greater public and policy support for transforming social environments to improve health. Hosted by the University of Michigan.

Advancing Women’s Leadership: A Global Networks Forum

[NOV 17-19, 2015 | Miami]

Over two hundred alumnae gather for a path-breaking opportunity to share leadership strategies and innovations across premier international fellowship networks, sectors and borders. Hosted by Eisenhower Fellowships in collaboration with KFLA, Ashoka, Harvard Loeb Fellowship, and The German Marshall Fund.