The 2016 installment of the Thought Leader Series has concluded. The third Thursday of each month, we brought you a live, online dialogue with our Thought Leader of the Month from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm (EST). Reexperience the great discussions with the videos below and be on the lookout for future installments.

Kellogg Fellow Dr. Barbara Rogoff returned to the series on August 2, 2016 as a Global Thought Leader with the following discussion of her book “Developing Destinies, A Mayan Midwife and Town.” Just click play if you missed the livestream or simply want to revisit this fascinating seminar. If you enjoy the video, don't forget to let us know by clicking like or subscribe.

Developing Destinies is an engaging narrative of one remarkable person's life and the life of her community that blends psychology, anthropology, and history to reveal the integral role that culture plays in human development. With extensive photographs and accounts of Mayan family life, medical practices, birth, child development, and learning, Rogoff adeptly shows that we can better understand the role of culture in our lives by examining how people participate in cultural practices.

In this webinar, this time in Spanish, Dr. Rogoff, will share with us her findings on how individuals worldwide build on cultural heritage from prior generations and at the same time create new ways of living.

Kellogg Fellows answer WDYDWYD?

Give It Up

I see a reflection of my father when I look into the eyes of migrant farm workers. I see the long hours of hard labor in unforgiving conditions, the pride in a job well done even though the pay is intolerably unfair, the hospitality of a migrant farm worker family sharing what little they have with friend and stranger alike.