Albuquerque, NM | Jun 11-13

Best Practices for Indigenous Peoples and their Communities:
Sharing a Vision for Thriving Children and Youth

Best Practices for Indigenous Peoples and their Communities:
Sharing a Vision for Thriving Children and Youth


Saturday, June 11th

2:00PM    Arrival

3:00PM    Welcome and prayer by local indigenous person

3:30PM    Creation of Sacred Space & Personal Introductions

6:00PM    Dinner

7:00PM    *5-Minute Project Presentations (IGNITE format)

Sunday, June 12th

7:00AM    Breakfast

8:00AM    Healing Practice

9:00AM     Remaining Project Presentations

12:00PM    Lunch

2:00PM    Review and refine list of best practices, values, and elements

6:00PM    Dinner

Monday, June 13th

7:00AM    Breakfast

8:30AM    Departure to Sandia Pueblo

8:30AM    Feast Day celebration/activities

4:00PM    Departure to Tamaya Resort and Spa

6:00PM    Dinner and debrief

9:00PM    Closing Ceremony


This invitational event was a working gathering of tribal leaders aimed at promoting the well-being of young people that gave Fellows the opportunity to:

  • Exchange your community's best practicies during engaging, IGNITE-style presentations*
  • Create a sacred space and share culturally/spiritually meaningful items
  • Observe local traditions led by a member of the indigenous community
  • Participate in ceremonies, such as the Sandia Pueblo Feast Day

*All participants were required to present at least one best practice used in their community

I hope we can create a sacred space that honors our ancestors and reminds us of our responsibilities to future generations. 

-Debra Harry, Chair of Design Team


Goals of this event, in support of KFLA's 2016 initiative to improve the lives of youth and children from all backgrounds, included:

  • Forming mutually benefitial relationships with the Native American Fellows in our network (ie. National, Health and Food Fellows)
  • Sharing and exchanging dialogue with them on best practices in Fellows’ communities that provide children and youth with the ability to thrive


Registration for this event was free and included:

  • Economy class airfare/transportation to Albuquerque, NM
  • Double occupancy lodging for four days at a resort
  • All meals at the resort