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Showcasing the Global Network of Kellogg Fellows

John Castillo, KNFP-6
Vice President & Director of Humanitarian & Educational Services, Walking Shield American Indian Society

John Castillo Quick Fact: Last year John helped over 20,000 American Indians receive medical and dental services that they might not have gotten assistance otherwise; two lives were saved because of these services.

Jean Quan (KNFP 11), City Councilwoman, Oakland, California
‚”I stay in politics because it gives me an incredible opportunity to stand in thousands of people‚’s shoes and see their perspectives.‚”

Lucinda Kurtz, (KNFP-8)
Hands of Light Energy Healer, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lucinda Kurtz ‚”The greatest challenge is to go deeply into myself and explore the inner paths and treasures I can find there.‚”

Mahmud Duwayri (KIFP‚-FS), Professor of Agriculture, University of Jordan, Jubeiha, Jordan

‚”I tend to measure my own impact by following the successes of my students‚.”

Matthew Quinn, KNFP-13 Advisor
Executive Director, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

Matthew Quinn Quick Fact: Matt was hired to start the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in August 2000. He designed a unique scholarship program which seeks each year to identify 35 – 50 exceptional young people in the 7th grade, assign a personal counselor to each of them during the 8th grade and to develop a learning plan for high school. The foundation pays for its implementation, including such expenses as music lessons, speech therapy, private school, summer sessions. 

Oran Hesterman (KNFP 8), Program Director, W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Battle Creek, Michigan
‚”To become an effective leader, we have to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations where people don‚’t agree with each other.‚”

Dr. Oswaldo Y. Tanaka (KILP 1), Deputy Minister of Public Health for S?£o Paulo, Brazil

‚”A crisis is always an opportunity to grow‚, to understand life. It is there for our growing process. Go deeply in any crisis that presents itself.‚”

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To strenghten our democracy

In 1752, my family sold their land in County Wertheim, Germany and purchased passage on the aptly named ship, the “Phoenix” to escape war and oppression. They desired a place to freely express their faith in God.