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Watch Darlyne Bailey (KNFP-13) share her story of racial healing and transformation.

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Watch Reggie Nichols' (KILP-02) story about racial healing and transformation.

Working with community leaders over the past decade, I have seen many praised for taking courageous stands against wrongdoing.
This week, news reports have suggested that Congressional Democrats are pushing ahead to take up immigration reform legislation...
tents in haitian refugee camps

I've just returned from a fact finding visit in Anse a Pitres. I am still processing what we saw. The people's voices ringing in my ears, their anguish weighing heavily on my heart. My eyes and my throat remember the dry graininess of the dust laden wind, I can still taste it's powdery saltiness on my tongue....

haiti camps as haitians leave dominican republic

I am here in Anse a Pitres. Road mostly unpaved so, hard to write. Witnessed much environmental devastation along the way. Passed by camps, horrific! Utter makeshift, reminiscent of first days after earthquake: sticks of wood and quilt like covers, pieced together remnants of cloth, cardboard--the kind of "cover" which we Haitians say can fool the sun but not the rain...

Dear Nancy (and Kellogg Fellows),

Thank you for getting us started on this conversation.

I am still working at my non-profit AgroFrontera in the Montecristi Province in the Dominican Republic and for the past 3 years our family has been operating a small dairy farm.

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Give It Up

I see a reflection of my father when I look into the eyes of migrant farm workers. I see the long hours of hard labor in unforgiving conditions, the pride in a job well done even though the pay is intolerably unfair, the hospitality of a migrant farm worker family sharing what little they have with friend and stranger alike.