As we mentioned on our last newsletter, we sent out a “Humanitarian Call to Action,” addressing the issue of unaccompanied children at our southern border. Many of you responded and participated. From that conversation, KFLA created the Humanitarian Action Fund to support Kellogg Fellows working to solve these issues.

The Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance (KFLA) Humanitarian Action Fund is based on the principles of having concern for human welfare and the alleviation of suffering. Humanitarian action must be carried out on the basis of need alone. Grants will be awarded based on the recognized values of humanity, responsiveness, feasibility and interdependence.

We received a $5,000 anonymous gift from a Kellogg Fellow challenging the rest of the network to match the gift. You answered our request and as Fellows, we did it! We reached $20,000 and because of your generosity, the “Call for Grants” is now open! Thank you! You are making a difference in the lives of children!

The Current Issue:

Over 57,000 children were found crossing our US border alone since October 2013. Most of these unaccompanied children came from the Northern Triangle—Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The primary reasons the children migrate are to escape poverty, gang or cartel violence, or seek family reunification.

Our network currently has Fellows working on this issue in numerous ways. The KFLA Humanitarian Action Fund is in place to assist Fellows who are addressing this humanitarian issue. Fellows working on immigration and migration can apply to the Fund for small grants to support their efforts.

How It Works:

  1. Initial funding was received from an anonymous $5,000 match grant. KFLA raised additional funds for a total of $20,000.
  2. The Fund will continue to be sustained through private donations.
  3. Grants will be awarded to grassroots nonprofit organizations working on Humanitarian issues identified in the Fund description.
  4. A Kellogg Fellow MUST recommend the organization, be involved in the organization and have fiduciary responsibility for the grant. The Kellogg Fellow will provide a wrap up report for the grant.
  5. Requests for grants can be submitted year-round.
  6. Requests for funding can only go toward the organization’s programming needs. Funds cannot be used for organization’s operating expenses
  7. Grants will be awarded up to $1,000 per request.


  1. A grassroots nonprofit must fill out a brief application and provide documentation of its 501(c) 3 status.
  2. The KFLA Fellow must submit the application and documentation along with a written recommendation as to why the nonprofit should be awarded a grant. The nonprofit cannot submit their own application.
  3. All requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis and in a rolling bases.
  4. All requests will be reviewed by a committee comprised of one KFLA staff member and two current or former KFLA board members.
  5. Submitted applications will be reviewed within 14 days of receipt.
  6. The KFLA staff member will notify the Kellogg Fellow and nonprofit agency once a decision has been made.


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