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David Hirsch: Why We Need to Break the Cycle of Father Absence

Dr. Karen Yeary: TEDx HendrixCollegeWomen 2013

William Reckmeyer

William Reckmeyer: Educating global citizens

tedtalk- 0008 PBasset

Pat Bassett: Schools of the Future

Ann Cooper: What’s wrong with school lunches

tedtalk- 0001 CEllis

Curt Ellis: FoodCorps

Andrea Collier: We Must Have Cake, and Other Creative Pursuits

Debra Perez: TEDx Talk in Jacksonville

Roger Doiron: How to grow a revolution in your own backyard

tedtalk 0002 LRedmond

LaDonna Redmond: Food + Justice = Democracy

tedtalk- 0010 ALappe

Anna Lappe: Marketing food to children

Robert Costanza: TEDxUVM

Fred Bahnson: Soil & Sacrament

Paul Hill, Jr.: Rituals and Community Regeneration

Elizabeth Ü: Money's Many Shades of Green