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Showcasing the Global Network of Kellogg Fellows

Freddye Webb-Petett (KNFP 4), Emeritus Assistant Professor, Clinton School of Public Service, University of Arkansas
‚”At this stage in my life, I‚’m constantly asking, ‚’What‚’s the common good?‚’‚”

Scott Burns (KNFP 11), Professor of Geology, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
‚”I‚’m trying to develop leaders, not just teach them subject matter.‚”

P. Dee Boersma (KNFP 3), Wadsworth Endowed Chair in Conservation Science, Department of Biology, University of Washington
‚”At the heart of the problem is the conflict between humans as stewards of the world‚’s resources and humans as insatiable consumers.‚”

Raúl Murguía (KILP 1), GEF SGP National Coordinator, United Nations Development Program, Yucatan, Mexico
‚”The people themselves know what to do; I am here to support them.‚”

Steven J. Moss (KNLP 16), Founder and Executive Director, San Francisco Community Power
‚”‚Like many Kellogg Fellows, being constantly mad about social wrongs is in my blood.‚”

Leamon Abrams (KNFP 9)
Civic and Community Affairs Director, Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle
‚"In my own life, a few people invested a little bit of time to push me this way instead of that way.‚"

Steve Reifenberg (KNFP 13), Regional Office Director of Harvard University‚’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Santiago, Chile
‚”Even though not everything is perfect, even though there are still tons of things yet to do on my to-do list, appreciate this moment now‚.”

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One of my parishioners, who survived childhood incest, asked me, "How do I forgive?" I was appalled that I had no answer for her; although I talk about forgiveness, I could not say how to forgive.