People, organizations and communities throughout the U.S. are coming together on Jan. 16, 2018 to call for racial healing, celebrate their common humanity and take collective action to create a more just and equitable world. The second annual National Day Racial of Healing on January 16th is part of the Kellogg Foundation's broad new Truth Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) initiative seeking to establish greater levels of trust needed for developing authentic relationships and creating opportunities for sharing deeper levels of truth.

kfla team day of healing SmallKFLA is excited to partner with this new initiative, and we encourage Fellows to show their support for the National Day of Racial Healing, and continue to collaborate with this important project throughout the year.

Add your voice to support racial healing.

Here's a quick way to join the campaign on social media—fellows are sharing their stories of racial healing & transformation to move and inspire others.

  • Join in by sending us your 1-2 minute video.
  • It's easy—just record on your camera or phone.
  • We'll share it KFLA and WKKF social media.

How to Send Your Video

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More Ways to Participate:

  • Take a picture holding your sign post in social media networks with a show of support using the hashtags #NDORH.
  • Host an event to promote racial healing in your community.
  • Connect with as many other organizations as possible including local area businesses, Business Associations, Unions, Minority Professional Organizations and others to schedule joint activities such as a lunchtime gathering.
  • Enlist student organizations in developing a special event program. Devote classroom time to teach and/or discuss an issue related to racial healing.
  • Provide scholarships or grants to students to support meaningful activities related to the improvement of racial diversity.

How to share your video. It's easy—grab your phone, check these guidelines & record!

Share a 1 to 2-minute video about your firsthand experience with racial healing to move & inspire others.

Use one of these questions to get you started on your video:

  • Why do we need racial healing?
  • What are you actively doing to support racial healing?


ndorh videos

What do I do?

  1. Record yourself (or have an assistant help you) in landscape mode on any phone/camera.
  2. To send us the video, just download the "SendAnywhere" app to your device. Open the app, select your video, and tap “send”. Then choose “Share Link” and your upload will begin.
    When complete, send your link to
    (You can also use iCloud, Dropbox, or another service.)
  3. Questions? Just call us 303-839-5352