Rudolfo Anaya - Photo Courtesy of Don James, All Rights Reserved
Photo Credit: Don James

Rudolfo Anaya (KNFP-03) has produced a large body of work since the publication of his first and best known novel, Bless Me, Última (1972), most recently The Old Man's Love Story (2013) and How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico (2012)

What I do: I live.

My motto (s): Get with it!

My favorite book: The next book that comes along.

My greatest achievement: Married my wife, Patricia.

My greatest extravagance: Bet on a street shell game in Valencia, Spain. Lost of course.

My favorite journey: Each day.

Five people (living or dead) I want to have dinner with: My mom, my grandpa, my wife, Einstein, Jesus, all in the spirit world now.

The person living today who most inspires me: Barack Obama

The reason I get up in the morning: I need to go to the bathroom. Then I eat breakfast & am eager to get to my writing.

My perfect day: Family & friends have visited & I have been able to work on my novel for an hour or two.

The talent I wish I had: Be careful what you wish for.

My best leadership advice: Don't be a leader, the crowd is more interesting. Stay with the people.

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