How Do You Define Cutting Edge Leadership?

“Both as a natural byproduct of perceptions of broken leadership that has resulted in the current crises and in the need to find new leadership to resolve crises (...) How do you define leadership that is cutting edge and what program models hold promise?” 


Dave Suss - KFLA Board Member, Tom Gallagher (KNFP-10) - Director, Ford Institute for Community Building, Betty Overton (KNFP-09) - V.P. for Academic Affairs, Spring Arbor Univ., Kevin Fong (KNFP-14) - Founder, Elemental Partners

Most of our communities are divided economically, politically, racially and spiritually. So we must ask ourselves the following questions: Is what we are doing or planning to do, 1) strengthening the relationships of people 2) treating people as active citizens and stakeholders who can make demands and reciprocate, and 3) challenging people to transform the institutions in which they live and grow?

To answer these questions, we must first understand our own assumptions about communities other than our own and work to develop cultural competence. Second, we should develop a positive connection with the community, understand its political, historical, social and cultural dynamics. Third, we should work to develop collective leadership within the community, and fourth, we must have the ability to develop cohesiveness within and among diverse communities.