How Do You Define Cutting Edge Leadership?

“Both as a natural byproduct of perceptions of broken leadership that has resulted in the current crises and in the need to find new leadership to resolve crises (...) How do you define leadership that is cutting edge and what program models hold promise?” 


Dave Suss - KFLA Board Member, Tom Gallagher (KNFP-10) - Director, Ford Institute for Community Building, Betty Overton (KNFP-09) - V.P. for Academic Affairs, Spring Arbor Univ., Kevin Fong (KNFP-14) - Founder, Elemental Partners


The Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance conducted a targeted leadership scan among its members to ascertain information about the challenges and mandates of future leadership programs and innovative promising leadership practices. Equally important was identifying the competencies that leaders must demonstrate to effectively lead across boundaries, addressing issues like achieving racial equity, civic engagement and community change.

Through this process, we asked Fellows four questions concerning cutting edge leadership, key competencies of leaders working in the racial equity and civic engagement arenas, the efficacy of current leadership programs and identifying cutting edge allies.

Key Competencies for Leadership in Racial Equity, Civic Engagement and Community Change

In today’s ever-changing world, successful leaders must have the skills required to understand and leverage diversity in a way that transcends boundaries and fosters civic engagement for the common good. What are the key competencies that one would need to lead in community to support and embrace a racial equity and a civic engagement agenda and an improved community outcome?