"Encourage Walking and Walkable Communities by joining Regina Benjamin (KNFP-13), 18th US Surgeon General and Tyler Norris (KNFP-15), Kaiser Permanente in the Everybody Walk! Collaborative, the campaign to get America walking.

Whether you have a walking program in place already, an idea that you’d like to share or questions to ask your fellow Fellows, we want to hear from you! Check KFLA Social Media channels and your email for a webinar invite with Tyler and Regina.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Start a weekly walking club with your faith community, patients, or students – whatever works for you

  • Make your workplace more physically active by conducting walking meetings

  • Organize a walkability assessment in your community

  • Consider outreach to your city planners to promote the principles of a walkable community.

  • Plan to join Kaiser Permanente at the Walking Summit on DATE HERE

To learn more about walking and walkable communities, sign up to receive information, sign on to the walk vision, and connect to ideas, people and resources across the country. Join the summit!

We want to know how the Kellogg network is mobilizing to promote walking and walkable communities, so make sure to e-mail KFLA and let them know what you’re doing."