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Recently, the KFLA Network responded to the Trayvon Martin case to lead this crucial dialogue with provocative posts from our Fellows. Use the KFLA Blog to add your voice to the critical issues of the day.

“The stark reality is that the violent and hate-filled world we call home cares little about individual rights. It practices murder regularly and especially often on the basis of race, class and ethnicity, among other tragic and stupid rationales.”
-David Castro (KNFP-13) in The Audacity of Progress

in a society where we pin our hopes on charter schools for the privileged and spend less on schools that serve students of color … we threaten to reinforce the cultural divide in America.
- Larry Nyland (KNFP-07) in Building Bridges of Hope and Understanding

I also think about my own son. In 2013, my husband and I are still having to have the same discussion with our son that our parents had with us about how to survive in America. -Andrea King-Collier (FSPF-06) in A Mother’s Voice on Trayvon Martin