Sylvia Rosales-Fike, a leader of many economic development and social justice projects—from Detroit to Central America—writes on the blog Shetroit about undocumented college student Dayanna Rebolledo, a speaker on KFLA Forum 2012′s “Voices of Detroit panel."

The Heart Rending Secrets of Our Children in the Shadows

by Sylvia Rosales-Fike

“In my heart, this was my country. But, it was while as a senior in high school that I came to believe that I had no future,” she said to me as I was helping her to prepare for her first presentation a few weeks earlier before an audience of nearly two hundred national leaders brought to Detroit by the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance.


“My depression only deepened, until that day.”

She recollects that day, “I saw this young man from Iran saying it, in front of everybody,” Dayanna said as her eyes lit up and her voice grew excited as she began to explain. It was a pivotal and cathartic experience, her first encounter with empowerment.

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After Forum, Olga Bonfiglio (KNFP-05) was reminded of this piece she wrote several years ago upon first meeting veteran social activist Grace Lee Boggs, a featured participant in KFLA Forum 2012′s “What’s Worth Saving? collaborative action session.

You Say You Want a Revolution?

by Olga Bonfiglio

Detroit, the once-proud capital of industrialization is now the paragon of de-industrialization and urban decay.


This is the next American revolution, said Dr. Grace Lee Boggs, 93, a long-time Detroit activist and a Bryn Mawr-educated philosopher.

“We are at a stage in human history that is as monumental as changing from a hunter/gatherer society to an agricultural society and from an agricultural society to and industrial society. Where we’re headed now will be different because we have exhausted planetary space and human space for us to continue to look at things through the Cartesian measurement of material things.

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Olga also provides a list of resources mentioned by Ms. Boggs at Forum 2012:

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