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Showcasing the Global Network of Kellogg Fellows

Susan Sygall (KNFP 7), Director, Mobility International USA, Eugene, Oregon

‚”Amazing things have happened in my life that have allowed me to do work that I‚’m passionate about‚.”

Felix Finisterre, KILP
Minister for Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities St. Lucia, West Indies

Gail Small, KNFP-13
Director, Native Action, Lame Deer, Montana
Gail Small ‚”We could all be millionaires, but the Cheyenne people have said ‚”No‚” for more than 30 years to the energy companies‚, there is no analogy in the world to this.‚”

Georgia Sorenson, KNFP-15 Advisor
Senior Scholar, Jepson School of Leadership Studies; Founder, James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership

Georgia Sorenson Quick Fact: A presidential leadership scholar, she is currently Visiting Senior Scholar at the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond. Sorenson‚’s latest work is a 4- volume comprehensive Encyclopedia of Leadership published by Berkshire/Sage Press (with George Goethals and James MacGregor Burns) due out in 2004.

Joanne Handy, KILP-1
President and CEO, Visiting Nurse Association of Boston

Joanne Handy Quick Fact: Winner, 2002 Leadership Award from the American Society on Aging

John M. Wiemann (KNFP-1), Vice Chancellor, University of California, Santa Barbara, California
‚”What appears to be a crisis really isn‚’t a crisis when you take an analytic view of it.‚”

James Bell (KNFP 14), Executive Director, The W. Haywood Burns Institute, San Francisco

James Bell‚ Society has used the juvenile courts to create a caste system where there are throw-away people.‚

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For healing & justice

One of my parishioners, who survived childhood incest, asked me, "How do I forgive?" I was appalled that I had no answer for her; although I talk about forgiveness, I could not say how to forgive.