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Showcasing the Global Network of Kellogg Fellows

Tyler Norris, KNFP-15
President and CEO, Community Initiatives LLC

Quick Fact: Tyler‚’s firm, Community Initiatives LLC, provides strategic consultation and performance support to community collaborations and healthcare organizations. As a volunteer, Tyler chairs the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation‚’s Active Living By Design program..

Tom Gallagher, KNFP-10
Leadership Development Specialist, Oregon State University

Tom Gallagher Quick Fact: Heads the new Ford community Leadership Training Program to bring leadership training to small towns in Oregon; Leadership development specialist, Oregon State University extension service and Professor of natural resource management, University of Alaska (retired)

Scattered thoughts. Those of us who are routinely asked to speak about or somehow on behalf of black people should stop moralizing

The circumstances of Trayvon Martin’s death bring back memories of my childhood. I grew up in Brooklyn in the 1970s. The Brooklyn of my youth was quite brutal.

At triumphal moments, the past and its presents can fade like ships at a distance. With a president’s hand on King’s bible, the inconceivable in two eras converge in place and time.

As part of the KFLA Racial Equity Initiative, we present some tips to keep in mind as you think about hosting your own gathering.

"When you're digging a ditch, don't look up." A scout leader gave me this advice 36 years ago, when I was eleven.

Kellogg Fellows' TED Talks

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Pat Bassett: Schools of the Future

Kellogg Fellows answer WDYDWYD?

I want it in my lifetime

I grew up a Cuban refugee in Chicago in a family of five kids. We lived in a run-down neighborhood with gangs and prostitutes parading nightly outside my bedroom window.