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Showcasing the Global Network of Kellogg Fellows

Quick Fact: Craig Calhoun was named President of the Social Science Research Council in 1999.

For more than 20 years, Ed DeJesus, a Bronx native, has committed his life to working with youth who need options beyond the street.

Quick Fact: Author of Possibility Handbook: Imagine Chicago: Ten Years of Imagination in Action, a conceptual framework for imagination as a social movement.

‚"In these anti-liberal, anti-progressive times, it‚'s important for people to remain radical‚."

Duane Perry, KILP-02
Executive Director, The Food Trust, Philadelphia
"The great thing about this field is it's so easy to build bridges around food. We all eat; we all like food. It‚'s something we can all share in.‚"

David Castro (KNFP 13)
President, Institute for Leadership Education, Advancement, and Development, Philadelphia
"When people who were marginalized take on responsibility and ownership for what‚'s happening in their community, that‚'s success.‚"

Daniel Mulhern (KNFP 14)
Leadership Consultant and First Gentleman of Michigan
"I believe we teach best what we most need to learn.‚"

Kellogg Fellows' TED Talks

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Awaken the dream

I have always wanted to know what’s beyond the mountain. As a child living on the edge of Old Pascua, a Yaqui village in Tucson, Arizona, I often enquired as to who lived on the other side of the mountain, and if the people there were like us or different.