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Showcasing the Global Network of Kellogg Fellows

Be the Change! Change the World. Change Yourself.

Art Chen‚ "Keep grounded in your family and your community.‚"

Quick Fact: Uno de los logros mas importantes en estos últimos años ha sido el haber contribuido a conseguir la Aprobación de la Ley de Fomento para la Educación de las Niñas y Adolescentes de Areas Rurales qua fue promulgada y publicada en Noviembre del 2001

‚"Try to find or create spaces to share with others‚, beautiful spaces.‚"

 Albino Garcia (KNFP 15), Founder and Executive Director, La Plazita Institute, Albuquerque 
‚"Helping people and giving back to the Earth and the Earth people became my medicine.‚"

Pat Mora‚'s sixth poetry collection, Adobe Odes, offers ‚Äúodes simmered for years‚Äù that celebrate family, food, and place.

As a youth workforce development professional for the past 20 years, I have rolled with the punches, promoting and carrying out the order of the day...

Kellogg Fellows' TED Talks

Check out this TED or TEDx talk by one of our fellows or view the full library.

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Pat Bassett: Schools of the Future

Kellogg Fellows answer WDYDWYD?

To Help Children Make Connections to the Earth

When I was a child the outdoors was my classroom, with all its mystery and wonder, it taught me oh so much.