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As a mother of a young black man, and the grandmother of a tiny black male, my heart is broken at the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial in the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Welcome to the new version of the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance newsletter – KFLA 2.0.

Andrea and Kevin each speak eloquently from the heart and from the reality of their experiences.  As a white male, I lack that first person perspective.

Andrea King Collier is a Class VI Food and Community Policy Fellow, a journalist and author.

Shirley Sherrod (KNFP-13) lectures nationally on issues of importance to middle class families, the poor, and small communities

It has been over 15 years since the end of my fellowship experience, but my connections have continued.

The community in North Carolina where I spent my childhood was multigenerational, segregated and vibrant.

Kellogg Fellows' TED Talks

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Fred Bahnson: Soil & Sacrament

Kellogg Fellows answer WDYDWYD?

Who’s Changing Who

Some students shuffle across the stage in unlaced sneakers, some totter in high heels. Some stride across with high fives. But my favorites are the ones who carry their children. They remind me most of all why I do what I do.