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Showcasing the Global Network of Kellogg Fellows

Kevin Fong (KNFP 14) is the founder of Elemental Partners, an organization that provides clarity, alignment and integration to cultivate health and prosperity in communities and workplaces. He lives in San Francisco with his partner and two sons.
The strength of relationship initially planted decades ago by our shared Kellogg fellowship experience, continues to be alive and vibrant...


 The tag line that we are using for this newsletter is that KFLA is your space, a space for sustaining deep, lasting and impactful relationships.

Fighting for Justice Throughout History

I am exhausted. I am just tired of fighting. Sometimes I feel like we all live on treadmills when it comes to social justice. But I know that I can’t quit fighting, and neither can you. As members of the KFLA family we have been brought together by a common call to do good, and to change the world in some small way.

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Es innegable que América latina y el Caribe es una de las regiones más complejas del mundo y la que quizá mayores cambios en materia social, económica y cultural ha experimentado en las últimas décadas.


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Em meados do século XIX o mundo vivia o que foi definido como uma realidade repleta de desigualdades sociais, sendo que a busca em se encontrar o equilíbrio entre os extremos (desiguais) configurou o conceito “justiça social”, que significou a criação de mecanismos de proteção a favor dos mais fracos.

Kellogg Fellows' TED Talks

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It’s the reason I was put on earth

Some students shuffle across the stage in unlaced sneakers, some totter in high heels. Some stride across with high fives. But my favorites are the ones who carry their children. They remind me most of all why I do what I do.