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Dear Kellogg Fellows Community,

As a Kellogg Fellow from class 16, Haitian and U.S citizen, I am reaching out at this time of crisis to share with you what is happening to our Dominican brothers and sisters of Haitian descent and Haitian migrant workers.

As some of you may know, in 2013, the Dominican Republic (DR) Supreme Court ruled to retroactively exclude citizenship to children of Haitian migrants born after 1929, whose births were never registered in the country.

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This week in South Carolina the nation witnessed shock and awe.

Shock: Nine innocent members of the historic Emanuel African Methodist Church attending a Bible study murdered at the hands of a hate-filled white supremacist attempting to incite and spread violence.

Awe: Families of the murder victims forgiving the gunman, Dylann Roof.

Sylvia Rosales-Fike, a leader of many economic development and social justice projects—from Detroit to Central America—writes on the blog Shetroit about undocumented college student Dayanna Rebolledo, a speaker on KFLA Forum 2012′s “Voices of Detroit panel."

Together we’ve built the foundation for a better network—a network for action that is meaningful to your work. We have not reached the end of a Social Network Analysis (SNA) project; we have reached the beginning of the new KFLA.

"Years ago, this lot would have been overflowing with farmworkers desperate to find work. Today, it resembles more of a leisurely commute thanks to decades of advocacy and action to secure fair working agreements with Florida’s tomato growers by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers..."

"I joined the KFLA board because I wanted to bring an outside perspective and decades of human service experience – public policy, fundraising and practice – to the strong culture of the Kellogg Fellows..."

"Every organization is influenced by five foundational elements – 1) mission vision and values; 2) founding principles; 3) institutional story; 4) leadership and communication style; and 5) organizational culture.

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