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As I’ve delved into the worlds of non-profit work and political aspiration one common thread seems to join them — both are driven by extremely passionate people.

Achievement of national preparedness – given current natural and man-made threats – requires a heightened capacity for effective cross-sector government, business, and nonprofit, coordination of effort. This objective is hindered by the tendency of leaders to advocate the specific interests and purposes of their narrow SILO of activity.

What do you think of when asked about effective leadership?

  • A bold, charismatic communicator?
  • A trusted, wise counselor?
  • A group of quiet, behind-the-scenes collaborators?

All are valid attributes as history shows successful leadership has come in many different styles.

Over the past year, it has been a great pleasure to work with KFLA in planning the Alliance’s 2011 conference on civic engagement, with the theme of leadership for the common good.

Every day, it seems, we learn of an apology from a prominent executive, celebrity, or political figure in response to an indiscretion of some sort. Those in the public eye have an unfortunate tendency to apologize only after they have been found with a hand in the cookie jar.

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I am a map maker … a facilitator … a figurer outer. I bring people together around central ideas that they can embrace with passion. I will never retire—God created me to do this work.