KFLA is thrilled to launch a new annual program: the “Global Day of Service”, in honor of Will Keith Kellogg, founder of the Kellogg Company and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

Over 80 years ago, Mr. Kellogg made the commitment to invest his money in people—and he did! Thanks to his generosity and the dedication of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Kellogg Fellows around the world gained life-changing experiences while participating in fellowship and leadership programs.

Now, we invite you to join us between April 7th - 26th to organize or join an event in your community as a means to say THANK YOU for the investment Will Keith Kellogg made in you. It’s simple, just volunteer a portion of your time to a project or a cause that’s dear to your heart in your own community and let us know so we can posted on our website and list it on the Kellogg Fellows Community.

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Current Projects

The following are some of the projects KFLA Fellows are organizing for the Global Day of Service:

The United States

  • Celebration on Leadership At Work
    Austin, Texas(April 7)
    Organizer: Yvonne Howze (KNFP-15)
    The Texas Department of Transportation--TxDOT will do a 10-day celebration on Leadership At Work in memory of WK Kellogg. The celebration will commence on April 7th with a kickoff of our Leader to Leader (L2L) Mentoring Program for Women. We will also kic
  • Children's Garden
    Clemson, South Carolina
    Organizer: Judith Caldwell (KNFP-13)
    Championing the development of a Children's Garden within the South Carolina Botanical Garden. Creating a playful garden where children can delight in our natural world.
  • Hunger Reduction Initiative
    College Park, Maryland
    Organizer: Bonnie Braun (KNFP-06)
    Working on a hunger reduction initiative in Maryland.
  • Interactive Theatre Performances at University of Missouri
    Columbia, Missouri(April 9)
    Organizer: Suzanne Burgoyne (KNFP-02)
    Will dedicate the beginning of the performance in Cross-Cultural Psychology class to Mr. Kellogg. Want to know more What is Interactive Theatre? Please visit http://mizzouitt.weebly.com/
  • Concord-Carlisle High School Art Auction to Raise Funds for African Refugees
    Concord, Massachusetts(April 10)
    Organizer: Steven Levitsky (KNFP-03)
    Helping a group of students from the Concord-Carlisle High School with an auction of art items that they are creating at this time. Pottery, paintings, etc will be on display at a music performance with the Rotary Club of Concord, MA. A silent auction wil
  • Letting the Beauty We Love Be What We Do
    Conway, South Carolina(April 14)
    Organizer: Sally Hare (KNFP-11)
    Program at Coastal Carolina University in SC: Letting the Beauty We Love Be What We Do, grounded in my new book and the work I have been doing for the past 25 years with Parker Palmer. The book talks about an extraordinary glimpse inside the human journey
  • KFLA Day of Service
    Denver, CO(April 7)
    Organizer: Beverly Martinez (KFLA Staff)
    Over 10 Fellows & KFLA Staff will provide fun and informative learning sessions to over 150 middle and high school students in partnership with the local nonprofit Mi Casa Resource Center.
  • Social Justice Initiative at the University of Texas in El Paso
    El Paso, Texas
    Organizer: Eva Moya (KNFP-13)
  • Civic Day at Mexican Consulate of El Paso
    El Paso, Texas(April 7)
    Organizer: Eva Moya (KNFP-13)
  • Serving the Homeless
    El Paso, Texas(April 15)
    Organizer: Eva Moya (KNFP-13)
    Professor Eva Moya and her social work students from UTEP will volunteer their time at The Opportunity Center in El Paso, TX.
  • Rural Development Initiatives
    Eugene, Oregon
    Organizer: Thomas Gallagher (KNFP-10)
    Volunteering, about one day per week, to interview residents and write stories of leadership development in rural communities for Rural Development Initiatives of Eugene, Oregon.
  • Fatherhood Essay Contest.
    Illinois, Chicago(April 10)
    Organizer: David Hirsch (KNFP-13)
    Hosting 140 volunteers, 70 on April 1st and 70 on April 10th to help evaluate and select the 156 state finalists in the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative, Chicago White Sox Fatherhood Essay Contest.
  • ESL Tutoring
    Kalamazoo, Michigan(April 7)
    Organizer: Olga Bonfiglio (KNFP-05)
    Dedicating my Kellogg Day of Service to my work as an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor. I work with people from different countries who want to learn English. I regard this work as a service to peace because it brings many peoples together
  • Community Garden Hands-on Service
    Lansing, Michigan(April 7)
    Organizer: Andrea King-Collier (FSPF-06)
    In Lansing, we are coming together at the Allen Neighborhood Center to roll up our sleeves and work in their Hunter Park Garden House from 10 am to noon. We can probably arrange to meet up for lunch after our hard work. Come prepared to work. We will be h
  • Mindfulness Meditation Session
    Los Angeles, California(April 7)
    Organizer: Carol Lawrence (KNFP-04)
    I would like to invite the Los Angeles area Fellows to an evening of Mindfulness Meditation - for both experienced and novice meditators. Meditation is a powerful tool that I'd like to offer to interested Fellows. If practiced consistently: Reduces stress
  • Volunteering at a Nursing Home
    Manassas, Virginia(April 7)
    Organizer: Mary Olea (KNFP-08)
  • A One-Day Symposium on Deep Seabed Mining in the Pacific
    Mānoa, Hawaii(April 4)
    Organizer: Jonathan Osorio (KILP-02)
    The symposium will take place at the University of Hawaii and will feature panels on the resource and the technology, current laws, as well as the likely environmental effects of mining in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Neighbor Brigade
    Massachusetts(April 7)
    Organizer: Elliott Gimble (KNFP-14)
    Provide outreach to other Massachusetts fellows to let them know about Neighbor Brigade. The organization establishes community-specific networks of volunteers that can be mobilized to help residents facing sudden crisis manage day-to-day tasks such as me
  • Volunteering at a Local Elementary School
    Mechanicsville, Virginia
    Organizer: Richard Couto (KNFP-03)
  • Habitat for Humanity Day
    Minneapolis, Minnesota(April 7)
    Organizer: Denise DeVaan (KNFP-13)
  • Letting the Beauty We Love Be What We Do
    Minneapolis, Minnesota(April 10)
    Organizer: Sally Hare (KNFP-11)
    Program for Plymouth Church in Minneapolis, MN, on Letting the Beauty We Love Be What We Do, grounded in my new book and the work I have been doing for the past 25 years with Parker Palmer. I plan to do a public conversation on April 10 and a mini-retreat
  • 2015 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Scholars of Color Conference
    New York City, NY(April 8)
    Organizer: Debra Perez (Health Fellows & Scholars)
    The conference will be the first known national, multidisciplinary gathering of LGBTQ scholars of Color. We hope that this conference will serve as the starting point for the creation of a long-lasting network of LGBTQ scholars of Color. The 2015 conferen
  • MIT Global WellBeing & Social Justice
    New York(April 7)
    Organizer: William Norris (KNFP-15)
    Will honor this day while doing a project in the Bronx with the MIT Global WellBeing Lab and partners working for social justice and economic opportunity.
  • Volunteering at Homeless Shelter
    Notre Dame, Indiana(April 11)
    Organizer: Joseph Bock (KNFP-13)
    Plan to volunteer serving meals at Our Lady of the Road shelter for Homeless People.
  • Reflections on Social Justice
    Oakland, California
    Organizer: G. Richard Fletcher (KNFP-08)
    Working with non-denominational churches in east Oakland to organize a day of dialogue and reflection on race relations and social justice
  • Visiting Piedmont Gardens (Nursing Home)
    Oakland, California(April 7)
    Organizer: Dana Hughes (KNFP-15)
    Going to visit a nursing facility, focusing on those who usually don't have visitors.
  • Cultural Showcase at San Jose State University
    San Jose, California(April 17)
    Organizer: William Reckmeyer (KNFP-09)
    Helping organize a Cultural Showcase at San Jose State University on 4-17-15, which will feature 15-20 performing groups and speakers to celebrate the diversity of our campus and region Expected attendance for this public event is 800-1,000 people from ca
  • Day of Arts Education for Seattle Public Schools
    Seattle, Washington(April 7)
    Organizer: Larry Nyland (KNFP-07)
    Larry Nyland (KNFP-07) & Lora-Ellen McKinney (KNFP-13) are collaborating with local Fellows to bring a day of arts education to Seattle Public Schools.
  • Feeding the Homeless in DC
    Washington, DC(April 12)
    Organizer: Herma Williams (KNFP-07)
    Preparing 700 sandwiches at National Presbyterian Church in to give to the homeless.
  • Tech & Youth
    Webinar open to all fellows (TBD)
    Organizer: Cynthia Newell (KNFP-12)
    Assisting high school seniors find resources to finance their college studies using innovations in technology.


  • Old Naledi Children's Project.
    Gaborone, Botswana(April 24)
    Organizer: Daisy Lejowa (KILP-02)
    Giving out coloring books, crayons and spending time reading to the 65 children at the Old Naledi children's center
  • Leadership & Altruism for College Students
    Maputo, Mozambique(April 22)
    Organizer: Ines Raimundo (KSAL)
    Professors Ines Raimundo and Mario Cumbe (KSAL), will host an open discussion night at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, to talk about Altruistic Leadership
  • Road Reform
    Mutare, Zimbabwe
    Organizer: Kumbirai Kaneta (KSAL)
    Planning to mobilize the Mutuare community to work on the gravel road that passes through the village which is in a bad state.
  • Gifts to Children in Orphanage
    Mponela, Malawi
    Organizer: Denis Msakwiza (KSAL)
    Partnering with other local KSAL fellows in Malawi and organizations to gather gifts for children in an orphanage in his village in Mzuzu.
  • Feeding the Children
    Sidvokodvo, Swaziland(April 7)
    Organizer: David Ndzabandzaba (KSAL)
    Helping feed needy and vulnerable children who attend Neighbour Care Point kitchen. This project aims to provide a balanced meal every day between April 7 to 26 if funds are available. But mainly on April 7, 2015
  • Career Day 10-12th Grade
    Ugie, South Africa
    Organizer: Lulama Ntozini (KSAL)
    Driving School Lessons, Life SKills Training, Mentorship for Small Businesses
  • Disaster Relief
    Zambeze and Cabo Delgado, Mozambique
    Organizer: Anina Manganhele (KSAL)
    Helping communities that are affected by floods in Zambeze and Cabo Delgado Provinces of Mozambique.

Latin America

  • Ação Voluntária no Asilo
    Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Organizer: Sônia Soares (LASPAU)
  • Talleres para Niños
    Campeche, México
    Organizer: Marcos Antonio Che Dzib (KPFL-02)
    Impartir talleres a niños y jóvenes sobre valores con dinámicas lúdicas en la comunidad Bolonchen de Rejón
  • Campaña de Recaudación de Fondos para Agricultores
    Chetumal, Mexico
    Organizer: Isael Salazar Dzul (KPFL-02)
    Iniciar una campaña de recaudación de fondos para ayudar a pequeños productores agrícolas del sector rural.
  • El Emprendedor Raramuri
    Chihuahua, México
    Organizer: Efraín Rodelas Bustillos (KPFL-02)
    Metodología diseñada para desarrollar emprendedores indígenas, pensada y desarrollada basada en usos y costumbres de las tribus indígenas de México. En Abril vamos programar algunas actividades con los voluntarios para honrar el Sr. Kellogg.
  • Ação Voluntária da Saúde
    Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
    Organizer: Francisca Maria Andrade (KILP-02)
    Considerando que o dia 7 de abril é também o dia mundial da saúde estarei programando um encontro com adolescentes para falar da vida e do legado do Sr. Kellogg e planejar uma ação voluntária na comunidade.
  • Father-Baby Bounding Project
    Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
    Organizer: Marilyn Nations (KNFP-03)
    Planning a Day of Service, with her graduate students, for the poor and stigmatized Brazilian fathers as part of her Father-Baby bounding project.
  • Programa Cultural
    Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil
    Organizer: Luizete da Silva (KWETU)
    Levar jovens da escola pública para assistir uma peça teatral.
  • Prevención de Malaria
    Jinotepe, Nicaragua
    Organizer: Karla Blandino Jimenez (LASPAU)
    Apoyar la comunidad a erradicar el zancudo que provoca la enfermedad del paludismo en las personas con visita a casa y limpieza de los patios baldíos, etc
  • Visita al Asilo
    Jinotope, Nicaragua
    Organizer: Karla Blandino Jimenez (LASPAU)
    Compartir un dia de trabajo voluntario en el asilo de anciano de Jinotepe
  • Preservación del Medio Ambiente
    La Paz, Bolivia
    Organizer: Oscar Angulo Aguilar (LASPAU)
    Sesiones de diálogo para promover la gestión sostenible de los recursos naturales, como el agua, los bosques y la biodiversidad, para comunidades del trópico del departamento de La Paz.
  • Día Voluntario en el Asilo de Ancianos
    Mendoza, Argentina
    Organizer: Jessica Banda (LASPAU)
    Donar un día de trabajo en un centro para ancianos vulnerables.
  • Día voluntario en el Asilo de Ancianos
    Merida, Mexico
    Organizer: Jose Angel Santamaria Ucan (KPFL-01)
    Realizar una jornada de apoyo a un Asilo de Ancianos y reunir un grupo pequeño de voluntarios. El asilo podría necesitar pintura, reparaciones diversas y cosas por el estilo. También podríamos apoyar en la preparación de alimentos o realizando un "boteo"
  • La Importancia del Trabajo Comunitario
    Motul, México,
    Organizer: Carmen Magdalena Campos Mukul (LASPAU)
    Organizar conferencias en el Centro de Bachillerato Tecnològico Industrial y de servicios con los estudiantes de la Especialidad en Trabajo Social para reflexionar la importancia del Trabajo comunitario y como las fundaciones las promueven.
  • Intercambio de Experiencias
    Oaxaca, Mexico
    Organizer: Silvia Diez-Urdanivia (KILP-02)
    Reunión de Intercambio de Experiencias con mujeres indígenas y afromexicanas del Estado de Oaxaca, México acerca de cómo cada grupo ha podido mejorar su calidad de vida con los proyectos productivos (sanitarios ecológicos, estufas ahorradoras de leña, pro
  • Lançamento do Curso Liderança Empresarial para Sustenabilidade
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Organizer: Susana Leal (LASPAU)
    O curso de lideraça será realizado na Faculdade da Puc do Rio de Janeiro. Terá duração de 18 meses. começará dia 10 de Abril de 2015 e focalizará nas áreas de inovação, liderança, e governança/gestão. A fellow Susana Leal, dedicará a abertura deste curso
  • Fórum Comunitário de Combate à Violência
    Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
    Organizer: Heloniza Costa (LASPAU)
    Agregar os integrantes do Fórum Comunitário de Combate à Violência para fazer um ciclo de debates para discutir as formas de enfrentamento da violência.
  • Impacto dos Projetos Kellogg no Brasil
    São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil(April 7)
    Organizer: Maria Martins Cabral (LASPAU)
    Roda de conversa/colóquio, na sede do Instituto Formaçã em São Luis, sobre os projetos apoiados pelo Sr. Kellogg no Brasil. (Rua das Limeiras, Q D, C 14, JArdim Renascença).
  • Jingles sobre el poder de la Gratitud
    Sucre, Bolivia
    Organizer: Willma Durán Benavides (LASPAU)
    Realizar un jingle radiofónico para que se difunda en algunas radios amigas sobre el sentido de la "gratitud". Dos talleres con jóvenes universitarios de la universidad San Francisco Xavier, para compartir habilidades sociales para el liderazgo.
  • Educación Ambiental
    Tunia, Colombia
    Organizer: Rodrigo Hernan Vivas Rosas (LASPAU)
    Una jornada de educación ambiental y de intervención en el medio físico en favor de los humedales y el sendero ecológico de tunia como gratuidad a los aportes de los servicios ambientales que recibimos en la comunidad educativa de la institucion educativa
  • Ação Voluntária Comunitária
    Valente, Bahia, Brazil
    Organizer: Virgínia Araújo Lima Santana (LASPAU)
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