The Fellows Ana Lucia Lorío (LASPAU), Carla Corrales (LASPAU), Karla Blandino (LASPAU), and Marvin Kaiser (KNFP-06), got together in Jinotepe, Nicaragua on January 17, 2015 to meet one another, network and participate in the dedication event of a microenterprise initiative coordinated by the Jessie F. Richardson Foundation (JFRF).

The JFR Foundation was one of our partners at 2014 Latin American and Caribbean Foro in Panama. Its mission is to empower communities in resource-constrained areas and to provide multi-generational support for underserved older adults. The JFRF organizes and funds projects in Nicaragua and Dr. Kaiser is a board member of the JFRF. He was thrilled to meet his new colleagues and Kellogg Fellows.

“Thank you KFLA for creating the opportunity for us fellows to network. The Fellows in Nicaragua are doing great work and are dedicated leaders. I hope to continue working with them in anything we can do together in support of their commitment to be leaders of their communities and country”.
-Marvin Kaiser KNFP-06

Because of this networking opportunity, these three Nicaraguan fellows are collaborating in the creation of a local project that will focus on the role of elders as farmer and other microenterprises in the rural areas of Nicaragua. They are currently in the process of writing a draft proposal to the JFR Foundation to support their project.

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